Monday, December 7, 2009

Silly me...

I saw the signs for "Pony Picture Days" at Luke's school and thought surely that was a joke. How could you:

a) Get a pony to the preschool?

b) Get a toddler onto said pony?

c) Get a good picture of said toddler on said pony without bad things happening?

Clearly it does not pay to:

a) Think people are joking about Pony Picture Days

b) Doubt your child's sense of adventure

c) Have anything but awe for preschool teachers and pony handlers with cameras

I assure you this photo is not a fabrication! I have talked to witnesses to this actual event! He loved the pony and didn't take the hat off of his head! Rock on, Cowboy Luke. Maybe next year we'll get a pony for his Halloween costume instead of a police officer uniform...


Dawn said...

This is simply precious!

Julie Gagnon said...

How cute!! Something to treasure!!

Making time to do more than cleaning a house and two boys said...


Karen said...

That is, without a doubt, the best toddler-pony picture I have ever seen! Hurray for day care teachers!!!