Wednesday, November 13, 2013

... if just for a moment

I'm sorry it has been more than a month since the last post!  I'm desperate for sleep but wanted to give a little update on how things are going.  But first, the Halloween photo.  The boys dressed up as some of their favorite NASCAR drivers and went trick-or-treating with our neighbor, the kitty cat.

Will's ketogenic diet initiation at the hospital ended when expected, though slightly differently that we anticipated.  He was unable to tolerate anything higher than a 2:1 ratio of fat:protein.  Typically kids need to be at a higher ratio to reach a state of ketosis, but thankfully for us, Will's body was reaching ketosis at the 2:1.   He has been home for more than a month now and tolerating things very well.  His school teachers are incredibly supportive of the diet and are helping us maintain it successfully at school.  We have kept his diet the same as when we left the hospital since he is doing well, not throwing up, gaining weight, and seizure free... though we do have a couple of keto cookbooks and may branch out into some exciting snacks like butter lollipops in the near future.  Will lost his second top tooth recently, so he loves to share his beautifully hilarious gap-toothed smile.

Matt's first season of soccer was wildly unsuccessful.  He liked to kick around the ball with an adult, but the second that other kids entered the picture, he wanted a parent or grandparent to pick him up.  Not sure if he enjoyed the peloton of chaos that is three year old soccer.  He seems genuinely interested in trying new things, though, so last week he and Nate went to their first Daddy-Kiddo ice skating lesson.  It went much better than soccer.

Luke is growing up more and more each day.  He loves NASCAR, reading chapter books, and the first grade.  His latest excitement is telling us all about the Boosterthon Fun Run, which is scheduled for this coming Friday.  Can you believe that a year has already passed since Luke's triumphant kindergarten Fun Run?  If you want to remember that excitement, or don't remember the story, click here.  Remember to keep a tissue in your hand while reading!  Luke is noticeably stronger and more coordinated this year, so I am anticipating that the event itself will be less... dramatic.  Nevertheless, this is an important day for Luke and one that we are all excited to share with him!

Until next time...