Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1 down, 59 to go

Our kids were all late teethers.  Between Luke, Will and Matt, only Will had poked through a single baby tooth by the time he turned 1.  At his last dentist appointment, Luke asked the dentist desperately when he would lose his first tooth.  She told him that late teethers like him typically lose their teeth late too.  So while the average age of first baby tooth loss is 5, Luke and Will would likely  be 6 when they lost their first tooth.

Will visited the dentist a few days after Luke.  And he had two lightly loose teeth.  We thought maybe Luke would be excited for Will, but instead he burst into jealous tears.  He's used to doing things first, I guess.  Whenever Will's loose tooth was discussed, Luke turned into a gloomy mess.

We've been wiggling Will's loose tooth regularly.  I was paranoid that it would fall out and he'd swallow or inhale it.  He seemed to think it was funny when we wiggled it.  I was preparing to have to pull it out some time soon.

I got an excited text from Will's teacher today that he had lost his tooth!  She had saved it from being ingested (thank goodness) and was sending it home with him.  He laughed hysterically when it came out.

Will seemed happy to show off the gap in his mouth.  For a while, Luke would approach Will, open his mouth and look inside.  He kept quiet.  Will didn't seem to mind the attention.  After the third time,  I asked Luke what he was thinking about... and that is when the drama started.  He started crying those jealous tears and dramatizing that Will was going to lose all 20 of his teeth before he even lost one.  I tried to explain that his time would come soon, but really nothing could take away his overly dramatic pain.

At bedtime, the boys gathered around Will's tooth pillow.  Luke seemed to forget about his sadness for a few minutes and asked if he could put Will's tooth in the pillow pocket.  He was happy to help place the tooth pillow near Will's head, and promised Will that he would keep an eye out for the Tooth Fairy.  Thank goodness he turned the corner and was excited for his brother... I was envisioning him stealing Will's tooth and trying to pawn it off as his own.

So I am waiting for them to go to sleep so that we can sneak in and play Tooth Fairy.  Our first time... the first of 60 Tooth Fairy impersonations we'll do over the next few years.  Nate picked up some $1 golden coins.  I looked up online that the going rate for a tooth these days is somewhere between $2 and $5 dollars.  Sorry kids, we're going for class over volume... plus if we paid $5 per tooth, we wouldn't be able to send you to college.  Or get you braces for those big honkin' adult teeth that are about to start pushing through.


Schatzi04 said...

Too funny! Glad Luke's recovered as he always does. He's a champion! Love, Mom

Kylie said...

So adorable! Love these guys... :)

Sally said...

Yay Will! And so happy you're back! You've been missed! :-)