Thursday, July 18, 2013

Role assignment

We are in the middle of summer craziness. Track out camps. Full time CNAs. Swimming lessons. Yucky heat. Humidity. Lots of sweaty boys. Makes bath time all the more important.

Tonight Matt and Luke took a bath together. They spent some time splashing around. Then I handed Luke his washcloth to clean himself while I attended to little brother. When Luke was all done he asked to get out of the bath. I told him he had to hold on because I needed to check how well he got himself clean.

"Why do you have to check, Mommy?"

I thought for a moment. "Well buddy, that is what mommies do. We check on things. I check you when you are sleeping. I check that you wear sunscreen and eat your lunch. I check on when you go back to school and what school supplies you need when you go back to school.  I check on when your next doctor's appointment is and that you ate your vitamins."

My answer seemed to make sense to him. Then he asked me what daddies do.

I took a pause again.  I wanted to come up with a good answer. Something that gave Nate credit for all that he does. Something that doesn't play into gender stereotypes. Something that didn't come off as silly and sarcastic.

Apparently my answer took too long. Matt spoke up.

"Lukey, daddies drink beer."

Luke nodded his head. Happy with the answer. And bath continued without another word about it.

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