Monday, April 27, 2009

Kickie Monster

Yes, we know Will is too big for his infant bouncy seat. Yes, we know that you can hear the seat creaking when he kicks while sitting in the bouncy seat. Yes, we know it appears as though he's about the catapult himself out of the bouncy seat. Yes, we know he doesn't have good posture while sitting in the bouncy seat.

But how can you deny sheer joy? And how could you say no when you hear this kid giggle? Talk about exercise!

On a side note, this seat is the one that the Duke biomedical engineering students are replacing with their newly-designed big kid bouncy seat... more appropriately sized and less squeaking :)

For anyone getting this blog update in email, I'd recommend that you go to the actual blog on the web ( to see the extremely poor quality video.

Its tough to get a video of Will that Luke doesn't somehow walk through... twins!

1 comment:

Christie said...

he must have abs of steel!!