Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day

Who needs flowers when your beautiful boy has almost learned how to say "Mama"?!?!?!

This is a remarkable step for Will, who prior to this point has been able to simply cry or frown when he's upset or click his tongue when he likes something. His speech therapist is really excited about his ability to make the "ma" sound - apparently now that he knows how to make a specific sound and knows that it makes the people around him really excited, he's more likely to experiment with other sounds.

It is not uncommon for children with cerebral palsy to be unable to speak, as it requires serious muscle control to be able to make verbal speech. We have heard a couple of amazing stories recently, though, about other children with cerebral palsy who didn't speak until the age of 4, when they remarkably opened their mouths and had a vocabulary of about 20 words.

So happy Mother's Day to everyone out there! Hope you had a great one! I was the lucky recipient of an extra 3 hours of sleep this morning, followed by a pancake breakfast and two beautiful watercolors from Luke and Will. I received my "real" present yesterday... a brand new toilet seat for the master bath... complete with little kid seat so that we can start working with Luke on potty training!

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