Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home movies

Still no answer on day care for Will... and so we've been passing the time by shooting videos of the boys (amongst other things, like attempting another beach trip, which didn't happen as planned...). Here are a couple of fun videos. If you get the email update of this blog, its probably best to go to the actual web page to view the videos: www.ncslaviks.blogspot.com.

Here's a video of Will playing a game with Nate, putting plastic beads into a bucket. Will really enjoys this game, especially the sounds that it makes.

He also enjoys messing up the games, just to get a reaction. He clearly knows that he is letting go of the bead before it gets into the bucket, and just look at that reaction!!

Luke loves drinking out of big cups, not sippie cups. So here he is with a cup full of ice... he would crack up when the ice would hit him in the face. And kept going back for more!

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