Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Waiting Game

And so we wait...

We still have no day care placement for Will in September. Nate and I took a tour last week of another day care center that specializes in inclusion of children with special needs with "normally" developing children. You may recall that we have been sent away from two centers, and the third told us that they don't have openings right now. We've only been able to find 4 centers within about 30 miles of our house that even say that they will take children with special needs... and even then, some times they say that Will's needs are just too special.

The tour last week went well. They told us they'd have an answer for us by (last) Friday. They took Will's development plan to review and to ensure that they could meet his needs. They wanted to talk with their nurse, the director, and a handful of other folks. But Friday came and went without a call.

I wasn't able to get in touch with anyone at the center until this morning. She told me that they are "50/50" on their decision to accept Will into their program. They'd "love to have him" but just aren't sure - in the current economy - if they can maintain their ratios while caring properly for Will with their current "recession-sized" staff. Ugh. She had a couple of other people to talk with, and again promised to call on (this coming) Friday.

I know that parenting is all about patience. But damn. I'm tired of waiting.

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