Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rewind to September

We've got a couple of months worth of activities to update on, so I think the only way I can tackle that is to break it down by month. So... here's the update for the remainder of September. When we last left you, Oma and Opa had returned to Texas and we had spent a lovely weekend on the Outer Banks.

In late September, we decided to travel to Binghamton to surprise Papa Joe on his 60th birthday. Its a long drive for us, but we broke it up over two days. On Thursday night, we drove to Harrisburg PA, and on Friday, we drove the last 3 hours in the morning. The boys napped while we unpacked, and Nate ran down to Wegman's to get subs. Oh, how we miss Wegman's in North Carolina!

Around 4 in the afternoon, Papa Joe rolled into the driveway to see a tan van from North Carolina parked there! He was totally happy and surprised when he walked through the door and was greeted with his two smiling grandsons.

We were soon joined by Uncle Pete and Aunt Char, and headed down to Endwell Greens for Papa Joe's second surprise, a family get together to celebrate his big milestone. It was great fun to see everyone, as it has been since last Christmas that we really saw a lot of the Slavik family. Luke truly enjoyed opening and closing the front door, welcoming everyone when they arrived. Will seems to have a tough time with a lot of noise around, so we didn't stay too long. Just long enough to catch a golf cart ride and to remind ourselves that just 6 short years ago, we were celebrating our wedding at exactly the same spot!

On Saturday, we went to a local apple orchard to pick some apples and enjoy the fall weather. We got some great photos before we were chased out by the rain.

We headed home on Sunday - the full drive in one day! Without any stops, the drive takes 9 hours. But with the boys, we stopped every three hours to get out of the car seats, stretch legs, change diapers, eat, etc. The first time we stopped was back in Harrisburg, at a local mall. Will was very happy to be held for a while. Luke only had eyes for the escalator, and threw a full sized temper tantrum when we had to leave. The second stop was at Cracker Barrel somewhere in central Virginia. The boys did amazingly well there, and we hit the road for the last 3 hours. We were all happy to see our house at the end of the journey!

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