Thursday, November 19, 2009

The big reveal!

We had our 18 week ultrasound today. Cart is looking really good! Measuring at exactly 18 weeks, all organs intact and functioning, moving around quite a bit. After about an hour of ultrasound activity and prodding, Cart had enough and about-faced, face first into the placenta... clearly telling all of us to leave him alone.

Yes, that's right... I said HIM.

Cart is a boy! Just call Nate "Fred MacMurray" because its going to be like My Three Sons around here in the next couple of months! Sorry if you're so shocked and looking for photographic proof, but I'm not going to embarass Cart in advance of his birth by showing a photo of his little baby boy parts on the internet!

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brian said...

We relate to the My three sons comment!! That's exactly how we felt with our last boy. And my husband can really be MacMurray, given our last name of Murray, haha. I love to read your updates. We totally relate to all your posts. We are very excited for your family. Best wishes!

Julie Murray

(my husband, Brian, worked with Nate)