Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Response from the deep

I know, I know... a long time has passed since our last posting! You truly wouldn't believe how sick we have all been. Since the boys started preschool in August, someone has been sick every day. Things have progressed from moderate congestion in Will - to a full blown stomach virus that had me, Luke and Will all sick at the same time - back to me being the only one with an ear infection. Thankfully none of us ever got H1N1, but its been a long couple of months.

In between being really sick, we've traveled to New York to help celebrate Papa Joe's 60th birthday, spent a fun afternoon with friends at the pumpkin patch, traveled to Florida for a Loss family wedding, tried our best to celebrate Halloween, and just got back from a weekend at a cabin with friends in western Virginia. I will do my best to post some pictures of all of our adventures in the next couple of days.

The boys are both doing remarkably well in preschool. Will's face lights up every morning when I tell him we're going to see Ms. Tasha (his teacher). He gets even happier when we walk into the room and hears her voice. His appetite is finally starting to pick up again after being sick. He lost 2 pounds while he was sick, and had to miss a full week of school because he had a fever that would not quit last week. We're working hard to put those pounds back onto him! Dropping Luke off in the morning has gotten a lot easier since he's been feeling better. Each morning, he's so excited to see his teacher, wash his hands, and cut paper. It is certainly making our mornings a lot easier to drop off happy boys at school!

This week, I hit the 18th week of my pregnancy. I've been feeling pretty good and actually (finally) felt Cart kick for the first time today. Apparently Cart likes cheeseburgers from Red Robin. On Thursday, we have our 18 week ultrasound, and we'll be sure to pass along Cart's gender at that time! Just don't expect us to divulge his/her name any time before his/her arrival in April.

Nate has been giving me progesterone shots in the behind every week for the past 4 weeks. He's been doing well and - dare I say - looking forward to administering the shot every week!

Its been a long couple of weeks for us here... but hopefully things calm down a little bit before the holidays!

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