Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It has now been a week since Will's night of seizures. Thankfully it has been a relatively uneventful week (aside from Luke taking a big step in sleeping through the night sans diaper like a big boy!). We all still seem to be recovering though. The nights aren't long enough for all of us to catch up on the sleep we lost and the stress we went through.

After we were released from the hospital, we started to notice that Will was more agitated than usual. This was a bit concerning, because our fear with seizure activity is that they will cause more brain damage in him. Over the weekend, it occured to us that the periods of extreme unhappiness and whining would go away when we fed him. And he wasn't eating his normal amount, he was just insatiable.

So rather than continue with the whining to let us know he was hungry, we brought out Will's old friend, the Big Mac. This is a large yellow recordable button that we have used in the past to enable some very simple communication. I recorded the message "more food please" and velcro'd it to Will's tray.

You could have seen the smile that erupted on that kid's face from the Discovery.

We had to position the button so that Will wouldn't inadvertently hit it. He had to work hard to hit the button, but we were right there with the food when he did. He has been doing well with this over the past couple of days, getting better each day with reaching for the button, and keeping us on our toes because he wants a new mouthful of food so quickly! Chew, swallow, BAM! More food please. Then he'd get just a little loud if we weren't quick enough.

Will's back. Phew!

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