Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scrapbook mojo

I am perpetually behind on my scrapbooking. It seems like whenever I "catch up" to present, something comes up that leads me to get behind again. It is frustrating because I would love to stay at the point where I am only a week or two behind, but 6 months is more the norm these days.

I scrapbook because I really enjoy it. I don't care that it was voted Maxim magazines most "unsexy" hobby. I hate the idea of pictures in a box or a drawer or stuck on my computer. I like to think that one day, the boys will look at the books and realize how much fun we had and how I seemed to have a camera surgically attached to my face most of the time. I also scrap because I have an awful memory. Taking pictures and writing notes about things that we did really helps.

My 2010 scrapbook had been stuck in late June since about August (the last time I almost caught up to present). Just a couple of weeks ago, it suddenly occured to me that Luke and Will's 4th birthday was coming up. I like to put scrapbooks out at the party so people can thumb through them. I couldn't allow myself to feel the mama guilt with having a scrapbook so out of date (such rules I impose upon myself!).

So suddenly I found my scrapbook mojo. In a matter of three weeks and a couple of trips and night at Archiver's, I am already at the end of September! The party is March 12... I think its gonna be close. The goal is to have 2010 complete.

Here are some photos of some of my most favorite scrapbook pages from the past couple of weeks.


Matt Mescall said...

so.... you read Maxim?

Jackie B said...
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Jackie B said...

Your blog is like a scrap book. Did you know you can get it made into a book? My friend did that and it looked awesome. Encoraged me to write in my blog a little more frequently. But I'm no where near as good as you about this.

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