Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Hi... I'm Chuck..."

Uncle Chris and Aunt Jenn gave the boys a talking dump truck a couple of years ago. His name is Chuck, and his faux child's voice tells you constantly:

"Hi... I'm Chuck, and I'm a dump truck."

When provoked, Chuck will rumble his engine, shake his dump bed, and roll a couple of feet. He gets a lot of love at our house. He probably ranks up there in the top 10 of most played with toys.

Now, before I get any further, I need to warn you. I have three sons. Two of them are in diapers. Poop is an inevitable blog post topic at some point. If you don't want a poop story first thing on this sunny Friday morning, your best bet is to stop reading now.

With that being said, after dinner tonight, I changed a dirty diaper on Matt. I figured he was cleared out, so a little naked time would do him a lot of good. What boy doesn't love to run around naked? Luke joined in for some naked time, run around fun. Will was so tired, he was already in bed!

While playing with Luke in his room, Matt squatted down to play with a toy. I thought the position was funny and pointed it out to Nate. He laughed, and then a look of horror spread across his face.

Nate: He just pooped!

Me: No! He just went!

Sure enough, Matt hadn't been completely cleared out after his dirty diaper and had relieved himself right there on the floor.

Honestly, in all our time as parents, we haven't ever dealt with this situation. We froze for a minute. Bad move.

Luke, on the other hand, was none the wiser about what had happened. Chuck the dump truck was nearby and hadn't been played with all evening. Seemed like as good a time as any to wake Chuck and start him up. Chuck's engine started rumbling. He shook his dump bed. And then...

I am sure you know where this is going.

Luke had pointed Chuck right at Matt. That is what good brothers do, right? They share. Unfortunately, Matt's relief was still on the floor, in between Luke and Matt. In Chuck's path. And in a matter of seconds, it was stuck in between Chuck's tire and his bumper.

Sure made clean up easy.

I swear only a matter of seconds passed from the moment of Matt's now-not-so-cute squat and Chuck's date with a handful of Clorox wipes. But it sure did go in slow motion!

Nate and I were hooting with laughter. Do these things happen to other people?! Perhaps, but they don't share them with the blogosphere.

So now, "Hi... I'm Chuck, and I'm a dump truck" has sooooooooooo much more meaning. Makes us laugh every time. What do you want me to say... we have three boys. Eventually, your sense of humor reverts back to that of a 5 year old, and laughing about poop is quite appropriate.

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