Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jumping Java

I like coffee in the morning. I am not an addict, as I can survive without it, however I am a much happier person when I have had a cup or two before tackling my day. As we were registering for wedding gifts 8 years ago, my kind husband understood this and agreed to put a coffee maker on our registry. He hates the taste of coffee. But he loves me.

So I received my lovely coffee maker from a kind wedding attendee. Since that time, I have loved it. Aside from my two pregnancies, my coffee maker has been used very steadily each morning, coming on trustily at 6am. I had a true steadfast appliance.

Yesterday morning, as we were bustling around the kitchen, I heard a strange rattly sound. It wasn't Matt. I turned in the direction of the sound - my coffee maker!

The carafe was rattling and the coffee inside was boiling! I quickly pulled the carafe out of the coffee maker and smoke was pouring out of the heating plate. Nate yanked the plug out of the wall. The kitchen reeked of electrical burn.

Thankfully there were no sparks, but the coffee maker shorted out completely. After she cooled down on the porch for a few minutes, I walked her to the outside trash can. I had a moment of silence for my trusty friend. Now she's at the bottom of the can, waiting to be picked up on Tuesday morning.

So now I am on a mission for a new coffee maker. I am open to advice, so feel free to email me at!

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