Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting prepped for Christmas

The tree finally went up this weekend... not a cut tree like the past two years, but the return of our (totally fake, perfectly proportioned, 9' tall "Carolina fir") tree. It finally fits in our new house. We were very excited to bring it out from its long slumber and were lucky enough to enlist some help in our Christmas tree raising from my good friend Leah. She visited from DC and to help us get our minds off of the decisions at hand, brought along some Christmas cheer in the form of amusing (disturbing? bothersome?) glasses.

Though I am so hopeful each year that the boys will fall in love with decorating the tree, they just don't enjoy it yet. Luke liked it for a couple of moments. Matt thought it was fun to run around with glass ornaments, to see who would chase him. And Will just didn't enjoy any of it, despite Oma's best efforts to have him look at the lights and put some ornaments on the tree. As I say each year... maybe next year will be better :) Thankfully Nate bravely climbed the ladder and placed the star on the top of the tree so that I didn't have to!

The end result is great! We're still in that "first two days of the Christmas tree being in place when your furniture looks squished together" stage. As it always does, December will go quickly and before we know it, we'll be in the "man, this living room looks empty without a Christmas tree in it" stage.

Can I just say that although I know it is good for the environment, I am NOT a fan of LED Christmas lights?

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