Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life Lesson #1

As we were getting everyone ready for bed tonight, I heard Luke go to the potty. I saw Matthew run past me, into the bathroom. He usually just watches his big brother intently, which Luke typically takes issue with. Understandable. Then I heard:

Luke: Matthew, do you want to try to go to the potty too?

Apparently Matthew indicated yes. The clothes came off. The diaper came off. Luke got Matt a stool from the closet. Luke helped Matt onto the stool. Matt grinned. Big time. And then let loose a big pee, past the toilet bowl, and right onto the floor.

Teacher Luke was mortified. Such a look of disappointment on his face. I couldn't contain my laughing. Ran to get the camera through laughs and tears. Got this one shot before the moment dispersed and Luke insisted that Matthew clean up after himself.