Monday, June 18, 2012

Going back to Eno...

For some reason, we haven't really been hiking this year.  The last time we actually hit a trail was back in February when we went to Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia (read about that trip here).  We brought out a backpack for Will when we went to Atlantic Beach, but aside from that, they backpacks have lived a lonely 2012. 

We had beautiful weather in North Carolina this past weekend.  With morning lows near 60 degrees, the trails were calling us.  And with Father's Day already a little packed with Nate's regular lacrosse game and a planned movie date with Luke and Nate, it seemed like a good day just to get out as a family. 

Lucky for us, Opa was in town for the weekend too.  So we picked him up on our way towards Eno River State Park - our favorite of all the NC State Parks within an hour of us.  We missed you Oma!

And lucky for Luke... three adults and three backpacks means he gets a ride sometimes :)

So we hit the trail over the wobbly wire bridge... I really dislike that bridge.  But there is a beautiful view of the Eno River, and it gets us to some good trails.  So with Matt firmly in my arms, Will in a backpack, and Luke walking with steady steps ahead of Nate, we made our way across my biggest fear.  And I'll be damned if Otis didn't lose his balance as the bridge shook, and end up on his butt.  Ugh.  My heart was in my chest.  Couldn't get across the bridge fast enough!

Thankfully we made it across safely.  And we spent the next couple of hours exploring the wilderness cabin, singing songs, hiking, and having snacks on a rocky outcropping near a bend in the river.  Just long enough to get out of the house, enjoy the beautiful June morning, celebrate an early Father's Day, and spend some good time together.  And just short enough that nobody got too cranky, fell asleep in a pack, or got too tired and lost their balance (or worse!) on the way back across the bridge.

We did run into some dangerous wild animals during our trip, sunning themselves on the rocks.  In the case that you're headed to Eno any time in the near future, be forewarned!

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