Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wordy Matt

Matt has been surprising us pretty regularly with his understanding of words, and awareness of the world around him.  He loves to sing songs (and mostly knows the words).  His favorite song is ABCs, which Papa Joe can attest to - having sung it more than 20 times during a 30 minute car ride about a month ago.

Since I took this video, Matt has started stringing words together into sentences that actually make sense.  Nate and I just look at each other and crack up.  He's barely 2 years old!  Here are some examples of his funniest Matt-isms.

Me: Matt, where's your nana (blanket)?
Matt: Its gone!
Me: You better find it.  It is bed time.
Matt: Nana... where are you? (looking around)
Me: Did you find it?
Matt: Oh no!  Mommy!  My nana is on the floor!

Me: Matt, would you like milk or water with dinner?
Matt: Umm... I want... juice!
Me: No buddy, we don't have juice with dinner.  How about milk?
Matt: Umm... how about juice!  I want juice.

Me: Matt, please go sit down for lunch.
Matt: No!
Me: You need to go sit in your chair.
Matt: No I don't.

Me: Has anyone seen Otis?
Matt: He's outside going potty.

Me: Buddy, do you want a drink of water before bed?
Matt: Yes please (takes cup and drinks it down quickly)
Matt: Phew!  I was thirsty, Mommy.

And our all time favorite, typically at bed time...
Matt: I love Mommy!  I love Daddy!  I love Luke!  I love Will!  I love OT!  Kiss!  Hug! Night night!


Schatzi04 said...

Night, night, Matthew!

kylie said...

So cute!!!