Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th revision

When Nate and I were in college and in the years immediately following, we regularly made the trek to Boston from central NY for the 4th of July.  It was a long trip, but Jason's family had a big pool and were willing to host a group of crazy 20-somethings at their house.  How could we turn that down?  Plus they threw in some fun Greek traditions like roasting a lamb on a spit and making souvlaki.  Yum.

Through those years, we created lasting bonds with not only friends, but with Jason's welcoming and generous family.  Nate speaks fondly of working on cars with Jason's dad and brothers, and in an ironic tale of having the people in your life that you can easily talk to and truly need, Jason's mom was a special needs kindergarten teacher for several years in Peabody, MA. 

During our trip, they graciously welcomed all of us (and our gaggle of kids) into their home and pool, so that we could relive our glory days and enjoy a special 4th of July with our families.

We were also joined that day by some good friends from Connecticut - Jaerid and Kirstin and their kids.  You may remember that Jaerid and Kirstin completed in the Tough Mudder with Will's Warriors in May.  They have never met our kids, so it was a great opportunity to finally make the grand introductions!

The day was hot and muggy, but the pool was cool.  And that's where we spent most of the day.  As always, a barrage of photos for your enjoyment.  Three Williams, two Matthews, and a partridge in a pair tree.

William #2 got the party started in his new Cars kiddie pool.

Matthew #1 soon joined in the fun. Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Soon Matthew #1 decided he was ready for the big pool. He might have been the littlest kid, but he was the most fearless and the first off the diving board. The older boys soon followed suit.

Jacob and the moment before impact.

William #3 stayed out of the way of the big jumping splashes in the safety of his raft.

Luke was a little tentative off of the diving board at first, but with Jaerid treading water for hours and catching him for every jump, he got a lot more comfortable.

Matthew #2 kept a watchful eye on the big boys in the pool.

The dads could not be out done by their sons. Jumping off the diving board quickly turned into a competitive game of "who can throw their kid the highest?" Jacob and Jaerid during the competition.

William #2 enjoying Jason's toss into the air.

Matthew #1 caught up with his godfather Brian, and learned about the importance of NY sports teams.

Cute William #3 during snack time.  Great pic, Jason!

Josh contemplates sharks.

When the jumping kids took a break, William #1 got into the water and splashed around with Nate.

Jacob and William #1 do some laps together.

Mike and Josh do some daddy-son laps together as well.

Ellie was happy to have the crazy boys out of the pool for a while. As the only girl amongst 9 boys, she did amazingly well!

Yum, cake! Ellie and her blue lips.

Happy 4th of July! Jacob and Luke and their blue tongues.

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