Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home and healing

Thankfully Will was sent home from the ER last night with no admission.  They gave him additional seizure medication at the hospital to ensure he was not seizing, and after this little body finally rested, they gave the green light to get out of Dodge. 

It is a relief to have him home and ok and not admitted to the hospital.  Of course we would have done that if it was necessary, but there is something very comforting and right about having everyone under the same roof. 

Will spent the day today at home, sleeping off his doses of medication and figuring out which was was up after his electrical brainwave wallop.  Elmo was a big help in Will's healing process.  But thankfully by the end of the day, Will was squealing his way through his bath and enjoying himself... a far cry from the ordeal from last night.

Although neither Nate nor I can ever understand the confusion and exhaustion of Will's seizures from his perspective, we can understand the overwhelming sense of tired after a night such as last.  We're so tired.  The person at the ER is exhausted having dealt with doctors and IVs and Will just wanting to go to sleep.  The person at home is exhausted from keeping the home fires burning, and mostly staying up late worrying and waiting for an update call.

We all are home and we're happy that is the case.  Tonight we're sleeping and healing and hoping for a long stretch of seizure free nights ahead of us. 

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Schatzi04 said...

I wonder if there's a helper dog out there who could detect Will's seizures before they happen. Love, Mom & Scott