Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fearless pool lover

When we first started going to the pool this summer, Matt wanted nothing to do with the big pool.  No slides.  No deep end.  He was happy in the 6" of warm baby pool water... the pool within the fence where babies play, mamas lounge, and big loud kids are kept safely away.

Matt's had an awakening.

It occurred a few weeks ago (just before our Boston trip), when Matt suddenly shunned his baby pool during one of Luke's swimming lessons.  I was stunned, not sure what to make of it.  Having planned 30 minutes of sunning myself by the baby pool while Matt splashed around, I didn't come prepared with a bathing suit.  So there I stood on the deck of the big pool, watching my "used to be fearful" two year old whip himself down the slides.  There was no easing into this new stage.  It was like in an instant he decided that he was too cool for the baby pool and needed to fling himself full speed into being a little boy.

When Luke's swimming lesson was over, he joined Matt in the big pool and the two of them giggled as they trudged up the steps and down the slides, enjoying their new found fun together.

Since that day, I've come prepared with a bathing suit. As much as I know that the lifeguards at are pool are good at what they do, that the pool where the slides are is less than a foot deep, and that if something bad were to happen, I'd be in the pool fully clothed... I just feel a lot more comfortable remaining within a 10 feet of Matt in the water. Despite the way he's whipping himself down the slide (sometimes head first) and falling under the water on purpose, he's still my little baby!

It has been interesting seeing the lifeguards respond to him. At first they are shocked that a kid so young is capable of climbing up to and going down the slides. Then they get a kick out of watching him whip down the slide. Then when he goes down the slide head first, they beep their whistle at him just to get his attention. Then they're shocked that at this young age, he's already learned to ignore them. He's out for a good time. And even though he has a great "lifeguard rule follower" example in Luke, Matt has decided that if someone is beeping a whistle, it surely isn't at him.

Come on... how could you really expect anything else from the third born?!?!

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