Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A few moments of Matt

Mondays are busy days for us.  This has traditionally been Will's evening for physical therapy.  And throughout the summer, it is also Luke's night for swimming lessons.  Two different directions.  Nate usually takes Will to PT.  I typically take Matt to the pool with Luke, so when the weather cooperates he can swim in the outdoor pool while Luke's lesson is going on inside.

I had the camera with me on Monday because it was Luke's first day riding the bus.  I don't always take the camera to the pool because between my work bag, lunch bag, cup of coffee, Luke's back pack, Luke's lunch bag, Matt's day care bag, and my keys... my hands, shoulders and arms are pretty filled up on my way out the door.  As much as I like to take pictures of everything... sometimes practicality wins.

But because I had it with me, I took the camera to the pool this week.  While Luke practiced his doggy paddle, diving and holding his breath, I got some awesome shots of Matt in his glory.  The first one is him waiting for Luke's lesson to start (so he can be free outside) and the rest are outside in the sun, enjoying the slides and the splashing.

He is independent, fearless, and gutsy. I look at him bound around in the water, dunking his head and coming up laughing, and I am amazed. He's an explorer finding his own way, stopping by for a quick mama hug and to make sure I'm still watching as he climbs triumphantly up the steps to the big slide, flashes a devilish smile, and launches himself down the slide head first... because he knows he's not suppose to.

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I am two and I have the power!