Monday, August 6, 2012

Tuxedo trio

My brother got married this weekend in Chesapeake City, Maryland.  It was a gorgeous day, played up with a gorgeous setting, emphasized by a gorgeous bride... and touched off, of course, by a gorgeous trio of little boys dressed up in gorgeous tuxedos.

Perhaps I am biased.  You be the judge.

And the only thing more gorgeous than my tuxedo trio is my smokin' Slavik tuxedo quartet.

My brother and his then-fiance asked if Will could be their ring bearer. What a lovely idea! The only conundrum is that Will cannot yet propel his own wheelchair and doesn't have a power chair. So we modified the idea to have Will be the ring bearer and have Luke and Will push him down the aisle. Then we realized the potential issues with that situation, and added Nate in for good measure... and to supervise.

Off to Mens Wearhouse we went, to fit our little bearers in tuxedos.  We tried our best to fit shoes around braces, anticipate the length of pants Will would need while seated in his chair, and chase Matt down to get a jacket on him, all the whilst he screamed "NOOOOO!  Take it OFF ME!"

Eventually we got the measurements, got to Chesapeake City, got the right tuxedos, and settled in.  I was in the wedding, so Nate and our CNA Nicole got the boys dressed and to Pell Gardens on time.  Before everything began, Nate was able to take a couple shots of the boys in their Saturday best.

Will did a bunch of smiling before the ceremony and did pretty good with being warm on an August afternoon.  We were very proud of him.  His tolerance level for new and sweaty situations is definitely improving.  That isn't to say that he wasn't happy when the monkey suit was removed :)

After Luke finally let Nate win and not tie the tuxedo tie around the outside of his jacket, things went alright. Luke was very happy to be dressed up "special" for Uncle Drew's wedding, and was so excited to tell his great-grandmother that she looked very pretty. She did.

And then there was Matthew... who did not want to wear a tuxedo. Did not want to smile. Did not want to do anything except whine and trip over his bottom lip. His blanket ("nana") did not help. Kisses from his mama did not help (it took a while for him to even recognize me!). The only thing that helped was getting water from the water fountain and running towards the road to see who would chase him. Oh, and the playground conveniently located nearby.

Its not every day that your little brother gets married. Its not every day that family and friends come together to celebrate love and a new family member. Its a special time, and we were so thrilled to all be a part of it. We're lucky folk.  And we clean up pretty nice too.

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Karen said...

How sweet is Matt's pouty lip!! Good looking bunch of fellas you have there.