Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tough week

Its been a tough week for us.  I am battling some kind of mondo sinus infection.  Will has had a couple of seizures.  Matt has fully embraced his two-year old tendencies.  Luke has been having temper tantrums every day after kindergarten.  Nate's just trying to hold us all together. 

Today Luke came home acting embarassed.  He willingly opened his daily progress folder from school and showed me his report.  A sad face.

"Luke did not follow the teacher's directions today.  He refused to sit down or stand in line."

I read it aloud.  Luke hung his head.  We talked about listening.  We talked about how his teachers felt sad and frustrated when he repeatedly refused to follow directions.

I asked him what we should do about it.  He didn't know.  He didn't try to offer an excuse for his actions.  I know that kindergarten can be a rough transition even though he's been in school for years.  There are a lot more expectations with following directions... and Luke really likes to do his own thing.

I know that his spirit is a thing to be treasured and his independence is a good thing.  But sometimes - especially during the first month of school - the best thing to do is to learn the right things to do and follow directions.  Its a life skill.

We talked about when you want to thank someone for a gift, you write them a note.  I asked if he wanted to write a letter to apologize to his teachers.  He said yes.  We sat down to write the following note together.

"I am very sorry that I did not listen well today.  I will try harder to follow directions.  From, Luke"

He was proud of himself to finish the note and asked when he could give it to his teachers.  I think he wants to make things right.  I hope that tomorrow he starts to listen and follow directions.  I know this is a process.  I felt bad as his little 5 year old self sat down to write lines... how unoriginal right? I couldn't think of anything else.

But in the end, he understood why he was being punished and why he should write a letter.  And I think that learning to say you're sorry when you're in the wrong is an important life skill.  Tomorrow's a new day.  I can't seem to fix all the other things that made this week rough... at least we can set Luke on the right path.

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