Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Swing

I am beyond excited for Christmas this year.  I am not sure what makes this year different from others... but I am counting down the days to Christmas with equal excitement as the kids as they move through the Advent calendar.  We will be joined by two sides of the family for the holidays - which is the first time that has ever happened!  And I am really looking forward to having so many people together to share a magical time of year with us. 

I have some vacation to burn at work, so I took the morning today to wrap gifts.  I started Christmas shopping back in September.  Some of these gifts haven't seen the light of day since that time (they're hidden deep in the bowels of the attic) - so I saw them today with the excited eyes with which I first met them months ago.  I think I might have hummed as I was carefully wrapping each one.

My goal as a mom is to get to know my children... understand what makes them tick, and try my best to encourage and stoke their curiosity, talents and joys.  To appreciate and nurture the unique quirks and -isms that make them individuals.  Nate and I have been amazed this year at the continuing development of distinctive personality traits in all of 3 of our kids.  It has been interesting to both sit on the sidelines and also be a part of that development. 

Because we started gift shopping earlier this year, we had a lot of time to think what we thought each Slavik boy would like.  There were eureka moments!  And I really cannot wait for Christmas morning, to see their faces as they open these carefully thought out gifts.  I hope in the years to come, they see the joy in my face as they open gifts on Christmas morning and know that I am their biggest advocate, loudest cheerleader, and that I know and appreciate them for being them.

So in addition to gifts being wrapped, the tree is up, decorations are covering the mantle, the outside lights are nearly complete, and my Christmas cards have been sent!  We took family photos this year with my cousin Steph Harkenreader (check out her photography website here).  You'll notice the new family photo at the top of the blog - here are a couple more favorites from the day. 

Cheers!  Hope your house is starting to buzz with the excitement of the holiday season!


Anonymous said...

We too are counting down the days, as we're as excited as you are to share this wonderful holiday with all of you. Love, Mom and Dad in NY.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story, beautiful pictures, beautiful, wonderful family. God Bless you all! Merry Christmas!