Sunday, December 9, 2012

First new clothes

When you're the younger brother of twin boys, the chances of you ever getting anything other than hand-me-down clothing is pretty slim.  Not only were Luke, Will and Matt born all in the same season, but we've been able to pick the nicest of the twins' clothes for Matt to wear.  He didn't have to wear puke or grass stained hand-me-downs - because believe me - there are plenty.  That Luke sure did like to puke.  Glad those days are over.

I digress.

Matt was able to get his first real new clothes today... because Matt is finally getting the hang of potty training!  And I couldn't bear the thought of him having to wear Luke's hand-me-down drawers.  Sometimes there are lines that shouldn't be crossed. 

So Matt and I went to Target this afternoon to pick out some brand new big boy underpants.  He was a little indecisive, but finally picked out 2 colorful packs of his first undies (I gave his as much time as he needed - this was a big decision and he doesn't have a lot of shopping experience).  He was very excited and told the woman at the check out that he was getting his first "unduh-pants."

When we got home, Matt rifled through our shopping bag to retrieve his treasures.  Then he took off all of his clothes.  Then he opened the pack of Thomas the Train underwear and proceeded to put one pair on.  Then another. 

Then another.

He was proud of himself for a moment, but then panicked slightly when he realized that we had purchased 10 pairs of undies and he had a long way to go.

When all was said and done, Matt put on 4 pairs of his new drawers. He danced around the house in them, very happy with both his new title of "big boy" and his brand new colorful rear end.


Schatzi04 said...

Too funny. Great photos! Love. Mom

Kylie said...

That's insanely adorable :)