Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Measuring time

Seems like annually, in the throes of cruddy February weather, we get the notion that it is time to measure the boys' heights.  Time to line them up against the door frame in the laundry room and make those marks to show a year of growth.

What big boys we have!!  Will is still leading the pack at nearly 44 inches.  Luke is pushing 43 inches.  And Matthew posted the biggest height difference from last year, now measuring in at nearly 37 inches tall.  He grew 4 inches in the past year!  Will and Luke each grew about a 1.5". 

Thankfully everyone had a good time with the measuring and enjoyed seeing how tall they were a year ago, and how much they've grown!

Our excitement over everyone's growth was a bit hampered today, however.  Will went in for his regular Botox shots in his hamstrings.  While he was there, his height and weight were measured.  And although Will has followed his growth curve for his height over the past year, his weight has dropped lower on the curve.  This means that he did not gain weight proportionally to his height increase.

You may recall that we've been fighting this weight fight for a long time.  It isn't new.  But it was a bit of a shock, since Will has been gaining weight steadily since he got his g-tube in 2009.

This past year has been busy for us.  We had to focus our attentions on the most critical and pressing issues.  For Will, this meant getting his seizures under control.  As much as I'd like for us to be able to focus on everything 100% all of the time, our focus on Will's feeding therapy dropped off a bit.  And then with the transition to a new kindergarten program and a new nursing assistant, Will's daily intake of calories has dropped.

Don't get me wrong, he is still eating and drinking by mouth and getting calories in his g-tube overnight.  He hasn't dropped weight - he just hasn't gained as much as he should.  To remain healthy, we need to get him back to his growth curve. 

So now, we return our focus to the arena of food intake.  Re-focus the focus.

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