Sunday, February 17, 2013

My sweet Valentines

Being the only girl in a house full of boys has its advantages some times.  Certainly not when I'm the only one who minds if the toilet seat is left up.  But certainly on Hallmark holidays when love is in the air.  This momma's a lucky one.  Four valentines.

We love decorating Valentine's cookies together, me and my Valentines.  We make heart shaped sugar cookies, and then load then up with icing and sprinkles.  The boys typically have eyes bigger than their stomachs, though, and end up eating just two bites of their Valentine treats before putting them down and begging for water.

One of the most special parts of Valentine's Day was that Nate worked with all of the boys to make handmade cards for me.  I think any momma out there will agree that handmade cards are best.  

I opened Luke's card and was so impressed at his writing!  Before I could open Matt's card, he pointed out that he glued the hearts on the front all by himself.  Such proud boys.  Such good Valentines!

Will's card was just beautiful, and kudos to Nate for coming up with the most thoughtful and creative hand stamping out there!  We've often done open hand stamps with Will, but it is a difficult and messy operation because Will doesn't like to hold his hands open (especially not when you want him to).  He spends a lot of time with his hands in a slightly curved position.  

So Nate decided not to go against the grain.  He stamped the side of Will's hand, rather than trying to pry his fingers open.  And the results were truly of Valentine proportion:

For some reason, I can't get this photo to rotate.  But you get the idea!  The stamps of the sides of Will's hands made a beautiful heart on the front of the Valentine's card he made for me.  Oh, how I love this!

I hope that you had a joyous Valentine's Day!

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