Thursday, August 6, 2009

(Almost a) Fat Boy

I say that in the most loving, positive, excited, proud, mama way possible...

Today we went back to Will's CP clinic for our quarterly check in. The doc is the one who ultimately helped us decide on Will receiving his surgical g-tube. Always a good time, good informative conversation (he reads our blog!), and he is always very complimentary. Usually I leave the appointment with teary eyes, though, because he's said something so nice or so "to the point" about the difficulties of raising a child with special needs that I can't keep my composure.

Anyway, today we learned that Will has gained three pounds since his surgery... let me reiterate. THREE POUNDS. In less than 3 months. Way to go Will! Will hadn't gained a single pound in the 6 months leading up to his g-tube placement. Since we've figured out all the kinks, this g-tube has been a very good thing for him.

Here's the ironic part: if Will continues on this pattern of weight gain, by the next time we go to the CP clinic, Will with be OVERWEIGHT. What?!?! I guess he'll be considered "overweight" from a "child with CP perspective" - his ideal weight is right around the 35th percentile on the growth chart. But still. Its just ironical. He was startlingly underweight just 4 months ago.

This by no means implies that Will no longer needs his g-tube. In order for his g-tube to come out, Will will need to demonstrate that he can take all of his calories by mouth and continue to gain weight. Right now, he's taking a little more than half his feeds by mouth, and the rest of the calories he gets via the g-tube and pump overnight.

But for now, rather than worry about when the g-tube can go away, we relish in the weight gain. And pinch the chubbier cheeks and slightly rolly-polly legs. A lot. But not in a mean or painful way.

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