Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the coast of somewhere... really scary!

After all the prep work that went into getting the boys into preschool, suddenly the day is ::almost:: upon us! That's right! Luke starts preschool on Monday, and Will starts right after Labor Day. I'm taking Luke in this Friday for a couple of hours to test the waters. I think he'll do great, but he's also got a touch of separation anxiety, so I am going to stay with him this Friday. But Monday, he's on his own for at least the first half of the day.

While I am excited about the prospect of preschool and the fun that the boys will have, I also realize that this is a huge change for us! The boys have been cared for in the home since they were brought home from the NICU... lovely one on two care. But now, they're moving up!

I also realized that this will be the first time ever that they will spend all day, every day apart from each other. They've spent a day here and there apart before (because of hospitalizations), but never anything as permanent as this! And again, while I believe this will be a good thing (especially for Will, who really seems to come out of his shell when Luke isn't around - not in a bad way - its just that Luke is the more aggressive twin, and Will does a lot of listening when he's around), its sort of sad. I know that we'll all really treasure nights and weekends when we're all home and together.

Another big change is that Oma is about to head back home to Texas. Can you believe that a year has already passed since she came to NC to help us out? It has been a great help to have her here, but now that Opa is back safely from Iraq, the time has come. Will gets to spend a few extra days of one on one time with her in between Monday and Labor Day, but once he goes to preschool, Oma and Opa hop in the car! While we will all miss her, I think Luke might miss her the most. He really enjoys banging on her door and waking her up in the morning, and I think he finds some sense of relief in knowing that she's just down the hall from him (if he ever needs a computer to mess up or a tube of lotion to empty onto his head). So it will be a lot of changes all at once.

Bear with us as we enter this transition time! Blog entries might be a bit more stretched out, and phone calls might be tough to answer, but I know eventually we'll find a new groove!

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