Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Green thumbs

I've always been told that a woman's creativity increases after she becomes a mom. I think I see signs of this in my scrapbooking. But I don't think this old adage holds true only for women. Nate's sense of creativity is definitely increasing as well.

Now this may be due to the fact he is doing the job of two parents right now (and has been doing amazingly well at keeping his sanity for a while). He is constantly coming up with ideas of things to do with the boys to change up the daily routine. This is the reason we made pizzas a few months back.

Last week, he decided that he wanted to grow a small porch herb garden with the boys. He bought planters and dirt, did research on what types of herbs to grow, and waited anxiously for the day to end so that he could get the boys from school and bring them home for their fun after-school activity.

I think you'll be able to see from the pictures below that the herb garden idea worked out fabulously. Nate decided to grow basil (we love pesto!) and rosemary for the planters, so Luke got to fill one planter with Daddy and Will helped out with the other.

Its part of the daily morning routine now to go out, check on the plants and water them. So far they've been thriving in our 90+ degree North Carolina spring!

Hopefully Cart will enjoy the herb garden when he makes his arrival in 14 days... but who's counting??

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Matt said...

We have a full garden and Aaron loves to help! His interest does wane, but he enjoys it.