Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matthew Sullivan

Cart is Cart no more! At 11:09a this morning, Matthew Sullivan Slavik made his arrival. He shocked us all by tipping the scales at 9lb 5oz! By far a bigger boy than we thought - he's almost 3 Williams/Lukes at birth! He is 20.5 inches long. He looks like a combination of Will and Luke - he's got Luke's round cheeks and hair color, and has Will's toes and Old Man Face!

Sorry that I haven't gotten to blog before now. It has been a long day and didn't start off exactly as we had planned. But he's here and he's great and he's been checked out for some of the health complications that Luke and Will had at birth. I'm doing my best to stay up on my pain meds - c-sections hurt!

Matthew is a name that we loved and thought went well with William and Luke. In keeping with our middle naming tradition, Matt's middle name is Sullivan. This is in honor of Nate's maternal grandmother's maiden last name. Grandma GiGi (Jean Sullivan Callahan) was never able to receive her great-grandchildren on Earth but we know she's looking over each one of them and was the calm and patience by our sides today.

Matthew has just returned to my room... gotta go for now! I'll update with news and photos as I can!!!


Karen said...

He is gorgeous! So happy for you and Nate and the Big Brothers Slavik!

JoannaP said...

Congratulations! We're glad all went well, he looks great. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt! Cant wait to meet you in a few weeks!!! Love you!!!