Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our trip to NY: A photo montage

We left the house on a Wednesday night. The van was packed tightly. When Matt had a major diaper blowout just 45 minutes after starting our journey, there was no where to change him but the front seat!

After driving 5 hours, we stopped for the night at a hotel. Luke is in an "I love showers" stage, so he felt compelled to test out the hotel shower. It was great!

Will and Matt waited patiently while we packed up the van again the next morning, to complete the remainder of our journey to Grammy and Papa's house.

Luke literally fell asleep with chicken nuggets in his hand. I could not resist the photo op. Do not judge me for feeding him Wendy's!

Will and Nate enjoy an absolutely gorgeous afternoon on the deck at Grammy and Papa's. The temperature and view were perfect!

Will really enjoyed the summer temperatures in New York. When we arrived, it was in the high 70s. We got to take in the ending of Cousin Joe's lacrosse game.

Luke stretched his legs after a long journey to NY by running around on the lacrosse field after the game, emulating his hero (Daddy!).

Luke and Will slept like champs during our trip.

Matt and Papa enjoy a pool-side chat, discussing the upcoming Syracuse basketball season.

Will and Nate in the pool. Gosh, this kid loves the water!

Luke and his new best friend, Morgan

Nate and Matt enjoy the sunset on the deck.

Luke feeding the goat after breakfast at Green Brothers.

Will and Nate getting to know a friendly donkey.

Luke and Grammy holding hands.

The boys in the bouncy house at Cousin Gabe's high school graduation party. What a great time!

Matt and Aunt Denise share a conversation about the ins and outs of Italian cooking.

Luke sneaks a snuggle with Great Aunt Grace.

Nate and Will spend some time together at our mini-Loss family reunion in Blairstown, NJ on July 4.

What's better than this?! Will and Matt enjoying a nap on a blanket in the shade.

Luke was busy trying to steal Uncle Drew's car.

Great Grandpa Milt and Luke share a hug goodbye.

The Loss clan celebrating the 4th of July and Great Grandpa Milt's 86th birthday!

Matt enjoyed his new rattle from Great Grandma Mary.

The boys celebrating Grammy's birthday with a yummy cake from Wegmans!

On the way home, we stopped halfway to spend the night with our Wyman cousins in Virginia. Here, Will and Cousin Brogan enjoy a silly book.

Nate, Luke and Cousin Cal spent some time with their lacrosse gear.

The cousins! We drove the rest of the way home to NC shortly after this picture was taken. What a trip! We had a lot of fun, but were certainly happy to be home!

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