Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Will update

Just wanted to follow up briefly on Will's latest round of tests... he finally had his MRI earlier this month. The MRI was scheduled because of Will's episode of left side facial paralysis in late June. They wanted to make sure that he didn't have a stroke. You never think of a 3-year old having a stroke, but it does happen.

We finally got the results back. The MRI showed no additional brain injury or blood vessel issues that would typically be associated with a stroke. So that, in conjunction with the EEG results from a few weeks ago, are pretty indicative for Will having had a seizure.

We've been keeping a close watch on him during the evenings, and he has not had any repeat seizure activity that we've seen. Let's hope it stays that way! It is entirely possible that Will has only ever had one seizure. It's even possible that he'll never have another one. In the mean time, there's nothing to do but wait. In the event that Will has another seizure at some point down the road, they'll likely increase the dosage of his neurontin (which he is on to manage pain from his g-tube). In a strange twist of medical intrigue, neurontin was actually developed to be an anti-seizure medication but isn't prescribed that frequently by neurologists for epilepsy! Will tolerates the neurontin well, but who knows if he actually does have epilepsy and the neurontin has been holding it at bay for the past year or so? I am not really a proponent of the idea of taking him off of the neurontin to see if that induces a seizure... I am sure you can understand why!

So for now, we're home, happy, seizure-free, and we know that no one had a stroke or a shunt malfunction. Sometimes when you've lived for a while, waiting for the other shoe to drop, you can't hope for much more!

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