Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I challenge you to a roll off!

The video below was supposed to be of Matt showing off his rolling techniques. Every time we put him on his back these days, his reaction is to roll almost to his belly. Apparently, though, when the camera comes out, Matt doesn't want to roll over anymore. He just started to kick his legs and stare at me. Mocking me.

So I started shooting some video of him on belly, just so we could remember these moments later on. Otis must have felt that Matt wasn't the only one that could show off some moves. In his own caring, Lab doggie way, he challenged Matt to a roll off (in the same vein as a dance off). I think you'll see in the video below that Otis wins the first roll off competition. Matt looks interested yet unimpressed, but it could just be an act. You'll have to tune in sometime in the future to see if Matt ever accepts the challenge.

If you get the blog update via email and the video doesn't work, I strongly recommend visiting our actual web blog at http://www.ncslaviks.blogspot.com/ to view this video!

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