Sunday, August 29, 2010

Luke logic

When Will and Luke were little, they slept in a Pack n Play together in our bedroom. After they moved to cribs, we used the Pack n Play first as a play-yard, and then as our official time-out location for Luke. By the time we put the Pack n Play away, Luke didn't like it very much and was happy to see it go (he had spent a good deal of time in time-out when he finally figured out how to scale the walls and check out of time-out on his own terms).

Imagine his disdain when Matthew came along and the Pack n Play returned (for Matt to sleep in of course, but Luke didn't really get that immediately).

On a recent morning, I was getting ready for work with Matthew sleeping in the Pack n Play in the bathroom with me. Luke walked in, and in a true show of emergent deductive reasoning skills, the following conversation occurred.

Me: Hey buddy.

Luke: Hi Mommy. Where's Matthew?

Me: Right here sleeping (pointing at Matthew in the Pack n Play)

Luke: Matthew's sleeping.

Me: Yup.

Luke: Matthew's sleeping in time-out.

Me: I guess you're right, buddy. (Luke looks visibly excited at this point.)

Luke: Matthew's in time-out. He did something bad. Three minutes!

(Note: when Luke goes to time-out, we tell him how long he'll be there. Since he's now 3 years old, he goes to time-out for 3 minutes).

And with that, he walked out of the bathroom, pretty content with the fact that someone else was in time-out! How's that for deductive reasoning and sibling rivalry?!?!

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Karen said...

Too Cute! I bet he thought Matt did something REALLY bad to have to stay there for his entire nap. :)