Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get off the bus

Luke and Will have tracked back into their Wake County pre-K programs. For the next 9 weeks, they'll be going to their respective special school programs. As it was before, Will's program is full-day and Luke's is part day. Their schools are in close proximity to one another (though they do go to separate schools) and the schools start within about 30 minutes of each other, so Luke and Will ride to school together.

Because the contracted company for special transportation changed, we don't have the same driver and SUV that we did last school year. This year, Luke and Will are so proud to be able to ride an actual bus to school. It isn't yellow and it isn't big, but it is a bus and it is very exciting.

When the bus pulls up each morning, Luke announces its arrival. We all rush to put on backpacks and head out to the end of the driveway. Luke leads the charge, and has made his way up the three large bus steps before the rest of us are halfway down the driveway (hence my inability to get a picture of him actually getting on the bus). He takes off his backpack, gets into his seat, and waits patiently while Will is lifted into the bus and the driver buckles them both in.

With the bus, transporting Will's equipment is a lot easier. We don't have to take apart his chair or stuff his stander into the back of the SUV. It is saving a lot of wear and tear on the equipment! Will is lifted onto the bus each morning in his chair, and once on the bus he is put into a car seat. The wheelchair is tied down for the ride. When Will gets to school, they put him in his wheelchair on the bus and use the lift to get him down to his teachers. We thought that he wouldn't like the lift, but he loves it!

After everyone is on the bus and ready to go, Nate and I give kisses to the boys. Apparently we aren't quick enough in doing this though, because each morning just as we're leaning in for a big wet one, Luke says very firmly, "Mommy and Daddy, GET OFF THE BUS." He is not rude. He is not yelling. He isn't angry. The boy just wants to go. Right now. If he were 12 years older, you'd think I was embarassing by giving him kisses in front of all his cool teenage friends.

We take the hint and give quick kisses before rushing down the steps. Luke and Will (with the aide's assistance) wave excitedly at us as they pull away. And off they go on their big boy day at school...

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