Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A very big bath

Little Matthew had a very big day this past Saturday! It was his day to shine, and show off his tush at his baptism. Our church offers the option of baptism by immersion or pouring, and we opted for the immersion because that is what we did for Will and Luke.

When we got to the church, we learned that Father recently had shoulder surgery, so he was unable to dunk the children being baptized. Rather, the fathers of each of the children would immerse them, and Father would pour water on their heads. So it was kind of a combination immersion/pouring operation. It required a lot of coordination. Thankfully for us, we were the third family to be baptized, so we saw how the whole thing went. We all gasped in horror as the first baby to be baptized got absolutely walloped with Father's pouring effort. The second child was a little bit better. Thankfully for Matthew, Nate held him in such a way that when Father poured water on his head, it went mostly down the back of his head and onto Nate's suit jacket.

Matt made it through like a champ. He didn't cry. He didn't whine. He didn't pee on anyone. In fact, he kept a look on his face the whole time like "what the heck is going on here?" Though I think he enjoyed being naked in front of a large crowd of people, we enjoyed dressing him in his special Oma baptismal garment. A super special thank you to Rena and Brian for serving as Matthew's godparents!! Matt is a very luck little boy to have you in his lives!

Thanks to everyone who made the trip from near and far to attend this special day for Matthew. We all had a wonderful time and feel so fortunate to have you in our lives! It would take longer than I have right now to post all the pictures of that fun, hot afternoon... just know that you all mean the world to us, and we had such a great time with all of you!


Karen said...

Those pics are great, in the bottom one Matt could give the Gerber baby a run for his money! :)

D said...

What church do you go to? It looks very similar to the one I have been going to recently! Congrats on Matthew's baptism!