Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mama gold

We take a lot of pictures. It isn't because we have a great camera or a penchant for photography. We're simply trying to document our lives (the good, the bad) and we end up taking a lot of photos so that we can post the cutest ones on our blog and in my scrapbook (I don't tend to keep the ugly ones).

The other night, as we were getting ready all the boys ready for bed, everyone was in a good lovably agreeable mood. The stars aligned for a Slavik boy photo. I ran to get the camera and managed to snap about 6 photos before the moment was gone. Good thing I have some swimmer ab muscles left after having 3 babies, because running up the steps two at a time is kind of tough work for me these days! But I had good motivation.

So below I reveal the magical photo. Sure, to you, it might not seem like much! But to me its mama gold, the money shot... how often can you get three young kids looking cutely and kind of smiling at the camera all at the same time? When one of them is an infant, one has a visual impairment, and the other pretty much does the opposite of anything we want him to do?!?!?!

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Christie said...

There is no doubt that they are brothers! Cute cute - I wish C and A would cooperate for a picture, but they are very anti-camera these days.

Check out my post from 3 years ago - I think Matthew has the exact thoughts about rice cereal as C did...