Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Speed demon

Will loves to move. He loves to go fast. Sitting still is probably his least favorite thing to do. If there was a way to safely load him into a rollercoaster, I think he'd be the happiest kid on Earth.

We went to Marla Dorrel Park in Cary on Monday to enjoy the great end of summer weather. First stop was the large serpent in the ground. For Will, this is the only stop that matters. Daddy runs him around and around, over the hills, around little kids just to hear Will's squeals and laughter. Below is a video of Monday's best run (as always, if you get the blog update via email, its best to check out the video by visiting the actual blog at www.ncslaviks.blogspot.com).

I assure you, no children were injured in the creation of this video!

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