Friday, September 24, 2010

Pumpkin patch with Will's class

We went to Hill Ridge Farm in Youngsville with Will's pre-K class this morning. What a great time! We had never been there before and were impressed with all the fun things to do. There's a farm animal feeding area, a corn pit, a large slide, a train, hayrides, and many other things to keep kids enthralled for hours! We also enjoyed getting to know some of the other kids (and their parents) in Will's class. Its a great way to learn about therapies, feeding ideas, equipment, and transportation.

Even though we went in the morning, it was 90 degrees by 10am (where is autumn??). Will and his classmates don't do well in the heat, so we did our best to make them happy and keep them in motion. Will's favorite part of the day was going down the big slide with Nate. This thing was probably 30 feet off the ground.

If you want to experience the slide with Will and Nate, click on the video below (if you get this update via email, check out the weblog to view). Looks like fun, doesn't it?!

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JoannaP said...

Love the slide video!