Monday, December 27, 2010

Telling the tale

We had a really wonderful Christmas. Good company, good food, happy times. So rather than try to tell the tale in one uber long blog post this evening, I think I'll break it down into littler stories and tell the tale over the next week.

Nate's sister Kylie and my dad and stepmom came to town to celebrate Christmas Eve and Day with us. Everyone was in place and unpacked by early afternoon on Christmas Eve and all boys were napped and fed. Perfect time for a fun Christmas activity! Cue the Christmas carols.

I baked sugar cookies in the morning, so we sat down around the kitchen table to decorate cookies for Santa! There's nothing like a bunch of kids, and adults who act like kids sitting around making a mess with sugar. White, red and green icing... green sugar crystals... white, red and green sprinkles... and of course, cinnamon candies. Pure sugar. Pure chaos. Pure fun.

The decorating icing said that it dried in 4 minutes. Luke tested out truth in advertising by loading the cookie up with as much icing as he could. It dried! Luke took one bite of his cookie, though, before announcing that he was all done because the cookie was too sweet for him.

William got in on the fun by shaking green sugar crystals onto his cookie. Will wasn't too happy with decorating, though, because holding onto the container of crystals felt an awful lot like occupational therapy to him!

Luke and Grandpa took their decorating very seriously. Santa appreciated their valiant decorating efforts.

Aunt Kylie testing out the goods.

It doesn't matter that they're all ugly! This is pure delicious chaos! Santa got 2. The rest of them were gone in less than 8 hours.

Matthew was a little too young to partake in cookie decorating. He kept busy by looking cute in his Christmas shirt and drooling all over the Sullivan family crest that Grandpa and Grandmama brought back for him from Ireland!

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