Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Thankfully none of our boys understands the ins and outs of Christmas morning enough to wake us up at an offensive hour. We all wake up so early on school days that when the weekend and holidays come around, it is a welcome opportunity for all to sleep in. Of course, when you're used to waking up at 5am, 7am is actually sleeping in.

So Will was the first to awaken on Christmas morning, followed closely by Luke just after 7am. That meant Nate and I were up shortly thereafter. We realized quickly that Will had wet through his Christmas pajama bottoms, and Matt had peed through his whole Christmas footie PJs, so we had a couple of wardrobe adjustments to make. But we didn't care... the sun was up before we were. It was a Christmas miracle!

By the time we had the 5 of us up and at 'em, Grandpa was awake too. Luke took pleasure in waking Aunt Kylie from her slumber, and Grandmama rose shortly thereafter.

We all gingerly walked down the stairs, expecting something to click with Luke that Santa had been there overnight to visit us, but he was really just bewildered by the full stockings and overflowing Christmas tree underbelly. He kind of stared at things, unsure of what to do! It was cute.

Of course once Luke realized that there were a lot of wrapped gifts that he was allowed to open, he snapped out of his bewilderment and took charge of opening any stockings and gifts that looked like something he might enjoy. He also did a good job of playing Santa and delivering gifts around the room.

Below are some of my favorite photos of our Christmas morning... nothing beats the pure joy and excitement of your children's faces on Christmas!

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