Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome new bloggies!

I've been noticing some more traffic on the blog these days, so I wanted to officially welcome any new blog followers that we may have out there!

For those of you interested, if you scroll down until you see a little world map on the right side, you can click that and see our blog readers from all over the world. As expected, the United States has the most followers, followed by the U.K. and Canada. The 4th place finisher totally shocked me... LIBYA?! Go figure.

Another feature I want to point out on the same right-hand side bar is a block titled "Receive an email alert when we update our blog!" If you input your email address into that block and press the Subscribe button, you'll receive an email verification. Once you complete the verification, you'll receive an email of our blog updates directly to your inbox (only on days I update the blog). Kind of eliminates the need to check the blog every day to see if I've posted an update (unless you like to, of course!).

My totally unrealistic, unreachable goal is to update the blog daily. I have three kids, a husband, and a full time job, after all. But I typically get to about 3 updates a week, and you'll notice if you look back at the Blog Archive that I have gotten significantly better at posting updates as the years have gone by!

So thanks for visiting us and reading about all our Slavik shenanigans!

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