Friday, March 11, 2011

Na na na na, na na na na, na na na na... hey! Don't touch me!

Matt is less than 11 months old, but already very much the toddler. I think that trailing after his big brothers all the time has really amped up his desire to be mobile and independent. He cruises from furniture to wheelchair to dining room chairs with relative ease and has even attempted a few solo steps. I give him two weeks before he's walking.

Since he figured out how to feed himself, he refuses to let us feed him anything. I am not joking. Put a food-laden spoon anywhere close to that kid's mouth and with ninja speed and accuracy, your spoon and its contents are on the floor. We've been giving him a lot of finger foods to eat instead of anything on a spoon, only now he seems interested in using a spoon to feed himself.

What the heck, I like a good mess. I put a bowl of applesauce in front of him, a spoon in his hand, and a futile bib on his neck. I don't know if he actually got any applesauce to his mouth. It didn't really matter though! He was entertained and proving his independence. And we got some funny photos.

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