Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weight of memories

I am within 3 pages of my goal of finishing my 2010 scrapbook. Tonight I was finally able to assemble the books (yes, that is plural... my annual scrapbooks have volume numbers). 182 pages. One page for every two days in a year. Do we really do that much!?!

It occured to me as I was putting these books together that they weighed a lot. I pulled out the scale. How much do you think a year's worth of memories weigh?

One year of NC Slavik memories... a year that encompassed Luke and Will starting school, Matt being born, Nate starting a new job, me just being me... weighs 20 lbs. Perhaps scrappy, but definitely respectable.

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Christie said...

can I contract you out for scrapbooking? I'm about four years and 2 months behind...