Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grandpa saves the day

We didn't do a lot of decorations for the party last weekend, but we couldn't leave out the balloons. We had identical bunches of white and green balloons all around the deck, and Luke was very proud of them.

Over the course of the party, some balloons got popped, some floated away, and some went home with party-goers. By the end of the day, we had two bunches left. Luke insisted on holding one of the bunches. We suggested tying them around his wrist. He wanted nothing to do with that. Within a matter of seconds, those rascally balloons had freed their way from Luke's grip, and were making their way into the sky.

We rushed to put the remaining bunch of balloons in Luke's hand, but it was too late. Luke's first response was shock.

Then disbelief. Still holding onto the identical bunch of balloons.

And ultimately, he went into full meltdown mode.

We tried to remind him of the one remaining bunch of balloons, but he wouldn't have it. Through tears he demanded that Daddy go up into the sky and get his balloons back.

Lucky for Luke, Grandpa has skills when it comes to retrieving balloons. Grandpa told Luke that he would run around the house to try to exchange the balloons that Luke had in his hand for the ones that got away. Luke, Daddy and Grandmama waited, hopeful.

Grandpa ran around the house with the unwanted balloons. Luke held his breath. Nothing was happening.

All of a sudden, we heard Grandpa's voice. "I got them!" He appeared again around the corner of the house, with a victorious gait. He explained to Luke that his balloons that floated away had actually gotten stuck in a tree. He had to climb up to get them, which is what had taken so long.

Luke was so relieved to have Grandpa save his birthday! Hugs and thank you's all around.

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