Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lots of birthdays

March is birthday celebration month around here. Otis was born on March 3, so we took him for a trip to PetSmart to pick out a treat. We even got Otis a new toy, because he's an old dog now at 6 years old... he used to chew through toys in minutes. We figured since he has matured a bit, a new squeaky toy would really spice up his life. Luke and Otis decided on an appropriately annoying squeaking chicken. We got it home and Otis loved it...

... he loved that chicken for about 5 minutes before amputating the chicken's toes right off. So much for maturing! Poor chicken doesn't even squeak anymore!

After Otis' birthday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by making green eggs and ham for dinner. Luke really enjoyed helping to make the scrambled eggs and count out drops of green food coloring. Surprisingly, green eggs aren't as gross as they sound, Will even enjoyed a couple of bites. We opted out of making actual green ham, though, because that kind of freaked me out.

And now, the biggest birthday of the month is upon us! On Friday, March 11, my not so little Luke and Will turn 4 years old! It is so hard to believe that that much time has passed since their early arrival in 2007. But then I think about where we are now, and how far we have all come, and then it seems like longer ago than even 4 years. Time is a funny thing.

We've got a lot of cakes going to school tomorrow to celebrate birthdays with classmates, and then we've got a small party planned here on Saturday! Can't wait! Happy birthday, Luke and Will!

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