Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mind dump follow up.

Blogging is very one-sided communication. Sometimes this is good. I get to tell my side of the story without complicated interjections. My blog can be like a serene, smiling, head-nodding psychologist on my bad days. Sometimes blogging is bad. You never really know who is reading. You never really know if they like, dislike, or care what you write about (unless they comment!). And you're never sure if once you tell stories, they wonder how those stories end.

In the belief that there are folks out there who read these stories and want to know how they turned out, here are some follow up to recent posts.

- Jack Murray is a fighter. He always has been a fighter. And he continues to be a fighter. After a week of good-byes, Jack turned the corner and spent the last day saying hello again. Remarkable. Though he isn't out of the woods yet, he is making amazing strides. Thanks for all the warm thoughts and hopeful prayers sent his and his family's way.

- Will's sleep study. That was a night poorly spent! Will hated those things poking him in the nose, sticking to his chest, and making it tough to turn his head because of the ponytail of wires. He woke up a lot. The point of a sleep study is to figure out why you don't sleep, not make you sleep worse (or maybe that is the point - be happy with the sleep you have at home without all the crap on you!). The final report recommended that we raise the head of Will's bed, noted some muscle contractions in his legs that woke him just a quarter of the time, and some extra brain wave activity that did not surprise us.

The true surprise from the sleep study came after we finally fell asleep around 3a. At 5:30a when they came in to wake us up, Will had wiggled himself under the covers of the bed. Since Will was put on neurontin several years ago, he has always seemed warm to us. In all the throes of trying to get him to sleep, it always appeared as though warm covers made him mad. So we stopped putting covers on Will. He seemed to sleep slightly better, he never seemed too warm or too cold, and never had goosebumps.

Fast forward again to the sleep study. I made a mental note of the covers in case the sleep study report showed nothing. After it did show nothing, we attempted to cover up Will at night.

Wouldn't you know it, the kid has slept through the night ever since (with the exception of one night when he had a stuffy nose... but one night? One night I can handle). TALK ABOUT FEELING LIKE A CRAPPY PARENT. Mom, you thought this was all neurological, CP related stuff... turns out, I was just cold! Ugh. I am glad to have it all solved, I still feel bad about this, weeks later!

- Mothers Day was a bust around here. Three boys in bad moods = one mommy in a bad mood. Never mind that I also broke my toe the day before. But hey, at least my eye isn't all red anymore. I wonder if that means my stress level is decreasing? Ha! Not.

- We finally finished that last 2% of moving! That is NOT to say that we've unpacked any more... just that all our boxes are in the same house :)

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